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2022: Volume 4, Issue 2

Investigation of Mechanical and Wear Properties of Al-Mg2 Si-Cu-Ni Cast Composites In As-Cast And Heat Treated Conditions

H. Ramezanalizadeh*


Department of materials engineering and polymer, Faculty of Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari, University, Sabzevar, Iran.

*Corresponding author: H. Ramezanalizadeh, Department of materials engineering and polymer, Faculty of Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran. Tel: 985144012779. E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date:  Aug 24, 2022

Published Date:  Sep 14, 2022

Citation: Ramezanalizadeh H. (2022). Investigation of mechanical and wear properties of Al-Mg2Si-Cu-Ni cast composites in as-cast and heat treated conditions. Material Science.  4(2):12.

Copyrights: Ramezanalizadeh H. © (2022). 


This study aims to examine the mechanical and wear properties of aluminum alloy (Al-Mg2Si-Cu-Ni) in as cast and heat-treated conditions. Sliding tribology tests were carried out via a Pin-on-disc set up. Tensile, compression and hardness experiments on as-cast and 1 hour homogenized specimens were done to evaluate the mechanical properties. Universal testing machine and Brinell hardness tester were used to conduct the tensile-compressive and hardness tests at room temperature, respectively. The microstructure evolution was analyzed by X-ray diffractometer and also scanning electron microscope. The results of wear and mechanical properties indicated that heat-treated Al-Mg2Si-Cu-Ni cast composites had superior tensile and compressive strength, wear resistance and hardness, as compared to as cast samples. X-ray diffraction analyzes proved the formation of some precipitated phases such as Al2Cu, Mg2Si, Al3Ni, Al8Si6Mg3Fe and Al4Cu2Mg8Si7. The fracture surfaces of as-cast samples were like low cycle fatigue and showed only micro voids and precipitates, while for heat treated samples were more like high cycle fatigue revealing crack initiation at the surface.

Keywords: Al-based cast composites, tensile strength, heat treatment, wear rate.

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